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How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Are you suffering from hand pain? Perhaps you have shooting pain from your hand into your wrist and forearm.

Have you tried nearly everything to stop the pain? Have you tried pain killers, physical therapy, squeezing rubber balls, using wrist braces, ice, heat, and stretches without success?

Sometimes, doing those things can be all you need to get rid of the pain. But often times it isn’t enough, and eventually you will become so frustrated with your nagging pain, that you believe getting surgery is the only solution.

In most cases, your wrist pain is caused by a combination of joint dysfunction and abnormal muscle tension in your forearm. In many cases the joint problem has its origin in your neck. This is largely overlooked by many physicians, who are trained only to examine the specific area of pain.

In some cases you may have been misdiagnosed and don’t really have carpal tunnel syndrome at all. The problem may actually have its root in your cervical spine (your neck) and/or your forearm.

You can find out what is truly causing your wrist and hand pain today.

Call our office or just stop in for a consultation and examination with myself. No appointment needed. You are always welcome.

During our consultation and examination, I would examine your whole spinal area, and most likely be able to quickly diagnose your condition. Then I will determine if you are a good candidate for care at our office.

If you qualify for treatment at our center, I will recommend a combination of chiropractic adjustments (of the spine and wrist), laser therapy treatments, and other natural therapies to help get you out of pain and get you back to enjoying normal activites again.

Why suffer, when a natural, safe, and quick solution is right within your grasp?


To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.



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