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You’re Invited To A Local Meetup To Discuss Families Adopting A Nutritarian Diet

You’re Invited!

WHAT: Meetup to discuss families adopting a plant-strong nutritarian diet

WHERE: McCaffrey’s Supermarket 635 Heacock Rd, 2nd Floor – Dining Area

WHEN: Sunday, February 10th from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm.


Knesset Hasefer of Yardley Presents a family meetup.

Connect and learn from other Families interested in a plant-strong nutritarian diet. Learn about specific benefits children get from eating a nutrient rich diet every day.

Bring your whole family Sunday afternoon! We will have snack foods and activities for kids (Bring healthy snacks to share if you like).

While kids are doing activities, parents will have a chance to learn from other parents about the nutritarian / plant-strong diet (based on the book Disease-Proof Your Child by Joel Fuhrman), get answers to common questions and get reference materials for further investigation.

Meet local parents who have implemented this diet to become a lifestyle successfully like Dr. Ken Goldman and his family – 14 years, and Eugene Pevzner and his family – 6 years.

Hear success stories, get inspired, get empowered to get started, or continue on your superhero journey against any odds.

Read more info here http://goo.gl/OGP8z

You will learn about various support groups (free and paid) and will want to register after you leave

Start today, join our Facebook Group and join the conversation http://goo.gl/gzDlL

Please Confirm how many people are coming to the meetup athttp://goo.gl/WI8Z8


To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.


February 7, 2013   3 Comments

Message From Dr. Ken in the New Year

With the Holiday Season behind us and headlong into the New Year, we may find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped shape our lives in a most significant way.

As a patient, we deeply value our relationship with you and look forward to serving you in the year to come.

-Dr. Ken Goldman


To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.


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Office Holiday Hours

We will be open this Friday (12/14/2012) from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, working with the practitioners of Comprehensive Pain Consultants.

Next week we will be open our regular hours: Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Christmas week, our office will be CLOSED from December 24th through January 1st.

We will reopen after New Year’s Day on Wednesday, January 2nd at 9:00 am.


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Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas!  From Dr. Goldman and the staff of Huntingdon Valley Pain Relief Center.

We want to remind all of our amazing patients… It has been an honor taking care of you in 2012.  I want you to know that we truly value our relationship with you and look forward to proving you with natural pain relief care in the year to come.

We hope you have a very happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and joy.


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Office Closing For Thanksgiving

Our staff would like to wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving this year!

I hope you spend it with friends and family and maybe even contemplating the daily provision, kindness, and love of our good God.

We will be closed this Thursday and will re-open our office on Monday, November 26th at 9:00 am.

As always, next week we will be open from Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 3:00 to 7:00 PM.  Walkin visits are always welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Health Fair At M&C Specialties Update 2012


Audrey and I attended a local health fair held at M&C Specialties this past Tuesday morning.  We were warmly welcomed, set up our information at a table, and spent a good two hours at the facility.

I was given the opportunity to speak to a large group of employees.  I chose to speak on two common causes of back pain, and received a good response.  I had good participation when I opened the floor for questions, and was able to interact with the employees.

Upon returning to our table, Audrey was busy performing demo chair massage for several eager employees.  We also had a great response of employees signing up for a chance to win one of several massages we were giving away.

Many thanks to Sue Sowden, who invited us and hosted an all-around great event.  I’m looking forward to their next event.


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CPR Training at Huntingdon Valley Pain Relief Center

Have you ever considered geting certified in CPR?

We are hosting CPR train at our office on Saturday, November 17th.  The class will be held from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, and will be conducted by an experienced EMT/Firefighter.

The cost is only $67.00, and you will get your certification on Saturday!

We are keeping 5 open spots for anyone interested in attending.  Please phone or email if you’re interested!!!


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Office Re-Opening Following Prolonged Power Outage

I am announcing our office re-opening following the prolonged power outage we had in Huntingdon Valley, that kept us closed all last week. Our team will resume normal office hours next week from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 3:00 to 7:00 Monday through Thursday…. and as always, accepting walk-in visits.

And for your convenience, we will also be open this Saturday, November 10th from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

I hope you weathered the storm and are doing well… and I hope you didn’t have to deal with too many fallen trees.  My mother and father had a 40+ year old blue spruce come down at the front of their property.  Thank God it ended up resting on the back of a strong and stout maple tree!

I hope that your life is getting back to normal after the hurricane.  I think that our thoughts, prayers, and help can be focused on the people hit hard at the Jersey coast.

And we just want to remind you that if you, a friend or family member require care for neck or back pain, we sincerely appreciate your trust and confidence in choosing our services. We look forward to serving you presently and in the future!


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Office Re-Opening After Hurricane Sandy 2012

I hope you are doing well following Hurricane Sandy… and I hope you stayed safe and dry.

We closed yesterday all day, and I’m glad we did.  The wind gusts were really strong and combined with the rain, caused considerable damage in our area.

While walking my dogs, Sheba and Calvin, this morning, I spotted two downed trees (one was lying across a neighbors front yard), lots of downed branches, and plenty of displaced objects (including the sign facade of our neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts!)?

That being said, we are planning on re-opening the office at 3:00 PM this afternoon.  Plan for some delays due to road debris and possible flooding.  Stay safe and see you soon.


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Dr. Ken Goldman To Attend Local Health Fair

I will be attending a local health fair at a local business, called M&C Specialties, on November 13th from 9:00 – 11:00 AM.  Audrey will be my side and we are going to do our best to educate the employees on the benefits of conservative chiropractic care and massage therapy.

M&C Specialties web site: http://www.mcspecialties.com/


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Introducing Our Corporate Wellness Program

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Our Current Newsletter October 2012

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Case of the Month July 2012

The Patient

  • 42 year old male with a history of severe chronic pains (of around 6 years) in the lower back, mid back, neck, shoulders and hips.
  • The patient history revealed high levels of emotional stress, headaches, depression and difficulty sleeping, lifting, traveling, and sitting for long periods.
  • Patient is overweight by 22 pounds.
  • The patient related that the pains began from no known cause (insidious onset).
  • The patient has had multiple diagnostics tests (MRI and Bone Scan), which revealed mild degenerative joint disease in the spinal areas and mild arthritic changes in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists.
  • The patient has been under several medical doctors care over the course of 6 years and has been treated with pain medications and was prescribed a lumbar support orthosis (back brace).

Snapshot of My Examination Findings

  • Past diagnostic films and reports were reviewed and findings were confirmed.
  • Joint dysfunction and tenderness was found in the left sacroiliac joint, and at two lumbar vertebrae – L3 and L5.
  • Joint dysfunction, stiffness, and point tenderness of the hips on the left and right.
  • Patient demonstrates a loss of balance while standing and walking.
  • Guarding (protective movement and positioning) of the lower back.
  • Painful range of motion of the cervical and lumbar spine.
  • Painful muscular fibers and trigger point activity in the following muscles: quadratus lumborum, trapezius, rhomboid, and hip areas.

My Diagnosis

  • Multiple levels of Spine and Disc Degeneration.
  • Pain and Stiffness of the hip joints.
  • Segmental Dysfunction the Spine and Hip areas, with associated myofascial pain (abnormal muscle tension and trigger points).

My Recommendations

  • A course of conservative care for pain relief to include the following:
  • Chirporactic adjustments of the spine, sacroiliac joint, and hip areas.
  • Myofascial release to the muscles of the lower back, hips, upper back, and shoulders performed by massage therapist.
  • TENS unit (home electrotherapy device) for pain management.
  • The patient will progress to core stabilization/balancing exercises ASAP performed in-office and at home

The Prognosis

  • Fair


Lower back pain can be caused by many different things.  Causes range from simple joint dysfunction or sprain/strains, to joint degeneration or even internal organ disease.  My exam was critical in determining that this patient’s pain had a biomechanical cause.  In this case, I was able to firmly conclude that the patient’s pain was originating from the joints, muscles, and nerves that were involved.

Chronic cases that have not improved with medical intervention can be the most difficult, due to internal weakness and developed dependence on pain medications.  In this case, the weakness centered in the patient’s lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint, and in her core.  This was in part due to her inactivity, dependence on medications, and constant reliance on a back brace for support.  This resulted in 6 years of chronic back pain that was marked by episodes of aggravations and partial recovery.

One of the best solutions for chronic lower back pain, is chiropractic care with core stabilization exercises.  This combination can help keep the spine healthy and prevent repeated relapses.

Upon following our advice and treatment schedule, in only 3 visits this patient has had over 50% improvement, with less pain, increased range of motion, and improved energy.  The intensity of the pain and the muscle tension in his neck, back, and hips has decreased considerably.  The patient still has several months of healing and rehab to achieve a full recovery, but the outlook is excellent.

Our Approach To Chronic Spinal and Hip Pain

If you were a new patient visiting our office, we always start with a thorough case history, consultation, and examination.  I will review any past diagnostic films that were taken.  I may recommend new diagnostic studies (x-ray or MRI) if I need more information. At this point, if I determine that you are a good candidate for care at our office, I will design a treatment plan for you.  If at any time I discover something beyond the scope of my practice, I won’t hesitate to contact your primary care provider to discuss a possible referral to another healthcare provider.

I specialize in providing short-term care for neck and back pain relief, and am fully licensed and certified to adjust the spine and extremities (arms, hands, legs, feet, etc.).  I am a certified instrument adjuster and use the Impulse iQ – a special adjusting instrument that allows me to perform adjustments without the typical twisting, turning, or popping as in traditional techniques.

If you are experiencing neck and/or back pain, we invite you to come in for a quick no-obligation consultation & examination.  Call us at 215-938-8500 for more information.

It would be an honor and a privilege to provide you with natural pain relief and to help your body heal and maintain the health you deserve.


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Back From Vacation Ricketts Glen 2012

Well we’re back from another exciting trip to Rickett’s Glen State Park.  For those wondering, the park is in Benton, PA which is around 60 minutes west of Wilkes-Barre.

As always, we enjoyed the stay in the mountain-top cabin and filled our days with hiking, relaxing by the lake, playing capture the flag, viewing waterfalls, spying mountain wildlife, battling with airsoft guns, and socializing at the campfires.

I had some quiet times to reflect on the sacrifice and honorable service that all of our military men and women have provided us.  I am grateful to them for all they have done and helping make this country safe and free.

I hope you had a great weekend too.

We reopened the office Tuesday the 29th and have resumed normal office hours from 9-12 pm and 3-7 pm, Monday through Thursday.

We are ready to continue providing short-term care for your neck and back pain relief.  Remember that I am a certified instrument adjuster and use the Impulse iQ – a special adjusting instrument that allows me to perform adjustments without the typical twisting, turning, or popping as in traditional techniques.

As always, I feel it is an honor and a privilege to provide you with natural pain relief and to help your body heal and maintain the health you deserve.

If you are a new patient and are experiencing neck and/or back pain, I invite you to come in for a quick no-obligation consultation & examination.  When you first meet with me, I will determine if you are a good candidate for care at our office, and will make the best recommendation possible.  No x-rays will be required unless absolutely necessary and approved by you.

For new or established patients, remember that we have a walk-in policy for your convenience. Just simply show up during our open hours and we will work you right in.  Our walk-in policy allows you to easily come in for treatment, often the day your symptoms arise. This is beneficial in reducing recovery times from an injury. Why wait to be seen days or even weeks later elsewhere?

As a reminder, we participate in most major medical insurance plans including Independence Blue Cross, Personal Choice, Personal Choice 65, Highmark, Medicare, Keystone, Keystone 65, Aetna, Aetna Medicare, Cigna, UnitedHealthcare, Amerihealth, Horizon, and many others.  We also accept auto injuries, workers compensation, and personal injuries.

I realize you have the freedom to choose who will provide your healthcare services.  If you, a friend or family member requires care for low back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, or fibromyalgia, I sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence shown by choosing my services and look forward to serving you and your family presently and in the future.


May 30, 2012   4 Comments

Help Me Welcome Laura Goldman Our New Receptionist

I am pleased to announce the newest addition to our team, Laura Goldman.  And yes… she is my lovely wife too!

Laura loves working with people and enjoys the healthcare environment of our office.  She is kind, considerate of others, and is a great communicator.

Laura is getting to know many of our patients and is becoming familiar with all of our office procedures… and she’s catching on fast.  She is really  helping to bring some needed stability to our front desk reception area.

Remember that we’re here for you – whether you have neck pain, back pain, headaches, whiplash, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, or other aches and pains.  We’re here to provide natural pain relief.  Give us a call, or just drop in (we welcome walk-in visits/no appointment is needed), and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you needed relief as fast as possible.

And the next time you’re in, please help me welcome Laura.  She’ll be the one who greets you a smile and an offer of coffee, tea, or a snack!

Stay well!


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Valentine’s Day Massage Discount Gift Certificates Available

From now through February 29th, we are offering one-hour massage gift certificates at an amazing discount of 30% off our normal price!

That’s only $45.50 to give the gift of a relaxing 1-hour massage!  (Normal price is $65).

If you want to give an extra special treat of a warm and soothing hot-stone massage, that’s only $52.50! (Normal price is $75).

What a great Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one.

Valentine Bonus:

  • Buy 2 gift certificates and you will receive a FREE 30-minute massage for yourself!
  • Buy 4 gift certificates and receive a FREE 60-minute hot-stone massage for yourself!

Call our office today at 215-938-8500, to take advantage of this offer.  Gift certificates can be emailed (PDF format), mailed via USPS (same day), or picked up at the office.


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Conservative Care Better Than Medicine For Neck Pain

Here’s an interesting study done this year that demonstrated the superiority of spinal manipulation and exercise as compared to medicine for the treatment of acute and subacute neck pain:


Spinal Manipulation, Medication, or Home Exercise With Advice for Acute and Subacute Neck Pain

A Randomized Trial

  1. Gert Bronfort, DC, PhD;
  2. Roni Evans, DC, MS;
  3. Alfred V. Anderson, DC, MD;
  4. Kenneth H. Svendsen, MS;
  5. Yiscah Bracha, MS; and
  6. Richard H. Grimm, MD, MPH, PhD


Author Affiliations

  1. From Northwestern Health Sciences University, Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center, and Berman Center for Outcomes and Clinical Research at the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Background: Mechanical neck pain is a common condition that affects an estimated 70% of persons at some point in their lives. Little research exists to guide the choice of therapy for acute and subacute neck pain.

Objective: To determine the relative efficacy of spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), medication, and home exercise with advice (HEA) for acute and subacute neck pain in both the short and long term.

Design: Randomized, controlled trial. (ClinicalTrials.gov registration number:NCT00029770)

Setting: 1 university research center and 1 pain management clinic in Minnesota.

Participants: 272 persons aged 18 to 65 years who had nonspecific neck pain for 2 to 12 weeks.

Intervention: 12 weeks of SMT, medication, or HEA.

Measurements: The primary outcome was participant-rated pain, measured at 2, 4, 8, 12, 26, and 52 weeks after randomization. Secondary measures were self-reported disability, global improvement, medication use, satisfaction, general health status (Short Form-36 Health Survey physical and mental health scales), and adverse events. Blinded evaluation of neck motion was performed at 4 and 12 weeks.

Results: For pain, SMT had a statistically significant advantage over medication after 8, 12, 26, and 52 weeks (P ≤ 0.010), and HEA was superior to medication at 26 weeks (P = 0.02). No important differences in pain were found between SMT and HEA at any time point. Results for most of the secondary outcomes were similar to those of the primary outcome.

Limitations: Participants and providers could not be blinded. No specific criteria for defining clinically important group differences were prespecified or available from the literature.

Conclusion: For participants with acute and subacute neck pain, SMT was more effective than medication in both the short and long term. However, a few instructional sessions of HEA resulted in similar outcomes at most time points.

Primary Funding Source: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Healt.

To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.


February 8, 2012   3 Comments

Why Are We So Busy?

Why is our practice so busy?  It’s simple…

We give patients what THEY want!

Imagine this.  You go into a restaurant… a rather expensive one.  You sit down and when the waiter or waitress comes over to you - THEY TELL YOU WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO EAT AND PAY FOR!

Even worse, they tell you that you can only eat today if you commit to eating there several times a week for the next few months.

What would you do if your food server told you that?  You’d probably get up and walk out…


You would go to a restaurant where you can order whatever you want, have it prepared just the way you like it, and you could come back whenever you want… or never again.

What does all this restaurant talk have to do with you and why our practice is so busy?

 Quite a bit.

You see – there are two basic types of doctors.  The first type dictates your care.  They examine you and tell you exactly what your care plan is going to be.

This is not a bad thing.  They are trained professionals and should be giving you what they believe is the best possible treatment plan.

But, that does not mean they are always right… or that treatment plan is the best for YOU.

That’s Why In This Office, We Try Hard To Be Different.

We examine patients and tell them exactly what is going on.  But, we also listen to our patients and take into consideration YOUR input.

The most important thing is WHAT YOU WANT, not necessarily what we think is best.

That’s why we customize our recommendations and work with YOU to give YOU exactly what YOU want.

In other words… we treat you as if you were a member of our family.  We always ask ourselves…

If This Patient Was My Relative What Would I Do?

That means – we do not try to make you commit to long term treatment plans.

Who wants to commit to something they don’t know they are going to like?

For that reason, you can try a few visits and see if it really is for you.  If it is… and you are getting the results you want, then you can keep going until the desired results are achieved… and you can stop whenever you want.

Our goal is to give you what you came in for – as fast as possible.

Everyone reacts to care a little differently – so you may get out of pain really fast and not need any more care.

Most patients want what we call, “Relief Care.”  They come in with some kind of ache or pain and we get them out of pain.  It’s pretty simple.

And here’s something really important: we do not get upset or lecture you if you have not been in to see us in a while.

We completely understand that you have a life and you may not need care. In fact – WE THINK THAT IS GOOD!

…and yes, we also love it when patients drop back  in – it’s a sign they love what we do.

And, I literally mean “drop in.”  Patients love that we do not have appointments so they can come when they want and fit us into your busy schedule.  Once again, we are here for you, not the other way around.

To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.


January 20, 2012   2 Comments

Practice Update January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope the new year finds you healthy and joyful.

Have you ever had neck or back pain and considered Chiropractic… but feared you’d be required to commit to long term Chiropractic Care?

You are not alone.

Even though there is plenty of research backing up Chiropractic, some patients just can’t afford the time or expense of  long-term, corrective care Chiropractic.

That’s why we now offer “pay-per-visit” Chiropractic for your neck pain or back pain.

This means you can call and come in on the same day and get exactly what you want… an affordable drugless solution for your aches and pains.

Our mainstream approach has gotten us featured along with many medical doctors and spine surgeons on Spine-Health.com… one of the most visited online back pain information websites in the country.

So, if you, your spouse, or a friend is complaining of aches and pains, rest assured that you can come in and get the care you want and can afford.

Give us a call at 215-938-8500. We’ll take good care of you.  Or just stop by, because…

We have a new walk-in policy for established and new patients.

Simply show up during our open hours and we will work you right in!

Our walk-in policy allows our patients to easily come in for treatment, even the same day symptoms arise. This is beneficial in reducing recovery times from an injury.  Why wait days or even weeks for an appointment elsewhere?

Also, you may have noticed… We changed our name to “Huntingdon Valley Pain Relief Center”.

Our new name accurately describes our practice focus.  We may have a new name, but you can expect to receive the same great service and top-notch chiropractic care!

Also, we’re excited to tell you that…We have completely remodeled our office!

Come in and experience the difference… more spacious, completely private treatment rooms, bright new lighting, fresh paint, and a refreshment/snack area for patients.

Lastly, I want to remind you that you are always welcome back no matter how long it’s been since we last saw you.  We are here to help you in any way we can and will be happy to see you!

Hope everything is going well and we’ll see you soon!


Dr. Ken Goldman, D.C.

P.S. If you are not in pain and would like to still get a check-up… or… you are in pain and would like a treatment or two… just give us a call (or simply drop in) and we promise we’ll get you in immediately.  We always welcome walk-in visits, and are here for your convenience and promise prompt service!



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Top Chiropractor In North Wales, PA

North Wales PA Chiropractor

North Wales PA Chiropractor Blog


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Practice Update December 2011

Hello! I hope this holiday season finds you healthy and content with your many blessings.

I just wanted to spend a moment to detail some of our new and exciting changes in our practice…

1) Our practice name has changed to “Huntingdon Valley Pain Relief Center”. This name more accurately describes our focus and will help eliminate any confusion among newer clients.

2) We are in the process of remodeling our whole office. Some of the changes include: new walls, fresh paint, a snack & beverage area for patients, new ceiling & lighting, and more. Stop in… have a snack and drink on us. You’ll see and feel the difference.

3) We have a new “Walk-In” policy. This means that if you are a new or established patient, you can simply come in during our open hours and you will be taken care of very quickly. If you still want to make appointments, that’s fine with us. Just remember that appointments are optional.

If you are in pain, give us a call or simply stop in. You know we’re here to help. And remember that you can stop in any time, whether you are in pain or not. I’d be happy to see you.

So I would like to extend warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year… from myself and my staff. We hope to see you soon.


To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.


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Dr. Goldman Receives New Certification

Dr. Goldman attended a continuing education seminar and became certified in instrument adjusting.  He was instructed by three top chiropractic doctors in the country and deepened his skill and education in the utilization of the Impulse IQ adjusting instrument.

This is the next generation in adjusting instruments, which allows Dr. Goldman to provide patients with an outstanding adjustment experience.  Dr. Goldman is one of the few doctors in the area using the Impulse IQ instrument and the only Certified Impulse IQ Chiropractor in Huntingdon Valley.

In the hands of a skilled certified doctor, the Impulse IQ instrument delivers multiple, safe and precise impulses every second in order to correct joint dysfunction and relieve pain.


High-tech computerized adjustments with Impulse iQ® actually precisely measure how the spine is moving during the treatment so that just the right amount of care can be provided.


Over five years of research have gone into the development of the Impulse iQ Adjusting Instrument® to create gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments that are safe and effective for patients of all ages.  High-tech computerized adjustments with Impulse iQ® actually precisely measure how the spine is moving during the treatment so that just the right amount of care can be provided.


Impulse iQ® has three different force settings for different parts of the body and to treat patients of all ages. The controlled low force thrust of Impulse® make treatments comfortable.


Impulse iQ® is twice as fast as other adjusting instruments and 100x faster than manual chiropractic adjustments. The gentle thrust is faster than the body’s tendency to tighten up and resist the adjustment.


October 18, 2011   1 Comment

How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Are you suffering from hand pain? Perhaps you have shooting pain from your hand into your wrist and forearm.

Have you tried nearly everything to stop the pain? Have you tried pain killers, physical therapy, squeezing rubber balls, using wrist braces, ice, heat, and stretches without success?

Sometimes, doing those things can be all you need to get rid of the pain. But often times it isn’t enough, and eventually you will become so frustrated with your nagging pain, that you believe getting surgery is the only solution.

In most cases, your wrist pain is caused by a combination of joint dysfunction and abnormal muscle tension in your forearm. In many cases the joint problem has its origin in your neck. This is largely overlooked by many physicians, who are trained only to examine the specific area of pain.

In some cases you may have been misdiagnosed and don’t really have carpal tunnel syndrome at all. The problem may actually have its root in your cervical spine (your neck) and/or your forearm.

You can find out what is truly causing your wrist and hand pain today.

Call our office or just stop in for a consultation and examination with myself. No appointment needed. You are always welcome.

During our consultation and examination, I would examine your whole spinal area, and most likely be able to quickly diagnose your condition. Then I will determine if you are a good candidate for care at our office.

If you qualify for treatment at our center, I will recommend a combination of chiropractic adjustments (of the spine and wrist), laser therapy treatments, and other natural therapies to help get you out of pain and get you back to enjoying normal activites again.

Why suffer, when a natural, safe, and quick solution is right within your grasp?


To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.


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Do You Have This Common Cause of Neck Pain?

Are you suffering from neck, back, and/or shoulder pain? Does your pain begin as tension in the upper back and creep upwards until the pain shoots upwards causing a piercing headache? Does the pain settle over or behind your eye or at your temple?

If you answered “yes” to any of the wbove questions, you may have one of the most common causes of neck pain and headaches. I see this problem in my practice almost on a daily basis. And there is usually a quick fix for it too.

The culprit may be a myofascial trigger point (muscle knot) in one of your muscles between your neck and upper back/shoulder area.

The most common muscle trigger points I see in my practice pop up in these muscles: the trapezius, the elevator scapula, the rhomboid. If you have a “fired up” trigger point in one of these muscles, you will have pain, stiffness, and will not be happy.

The most common causes of these trigger points includes: muscle strain, repetitive poor posture, whiplash, stress overload, and/or spinal joint dysfunction.

Injuries(even small ones) from years ago, such as car accidents, falls, sprains/strains, can be the cause of your neck pain today.

But the solution can be simple, virtually painless, and fairly quick. You’ll need to take action.

What makes trigger points so tricky, is the fact that they send out pain to other areas of the body. This means that your trigger point in your shoulder area can create pain in your neck and head.

It’s my job to find out the cause of your pain, and develop a natural solution to get you out of pain and back to life as quick as possible.

Over years of practice, I have developed the skill to locate hidden trigger points in your neck and back. Through a consultation and exam I can also figure out possible causes and develop of plan to help you get out of pain and avoid a possible relapse.

If you are suffering with unrelenting neck or back pain, call our office today for a no-hassle, no-pressure, consultation & examination with me (Dr. Goldman). I look forward to meeting you, helping you become pain-free, and getting you back to life.


To learn more, visit www.DrKenGoldman.com.


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Five Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Statistics have indicated that back pain will affect around 80% of all people at some time in their life.  Back pain can range from the lower back area to the upper back and shoulder blade area.  Back pains are especially bad when they impact every day functions such as walking, bending, sleeping, or sitting.  Americans spend billions of dollars every year fighting their back pains.  Is there any way to prevent it?  Here are five simple ways to help prevent back pain.

  1. Eat Right.  Excess weight puts more stress on your lower spine and contributes to injuries.  Animal-based foods (all meats, poultry, fish, and dairy) contribute to a pro-inflammatory diet and also lead to the production of chemicals that fuel the pain process.  Eating a healthy, whole food, and plant-based diet will reduce pain and inflammation, and can help reduce your back pain.
  2. Minimize Stress.  Life is stressful!  Everyone experiences stress of some degree or another.  Excess stress causes muscles to tighten and interferes with the normal healing process.  Prolonged stress leads to homone imbalances of the stress glands of the body – the adrenal glands.  These glands secrete hormones that regulate many body functions including: sleep, digestion, weight gain, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, immune system, arthritis, allergies, heart function, fatigue… to name a few.  These glands can be checked easily in our office and can usually be balanced/repaired through diet and supplements.
  3. Maintain Good Posture and Ergonomics.  Maintaining good posture means keeping the body in a balanced and neutral position as much as possible.  Avoid stressful and damaging prolonged postures where ever you are.  Moat people use computer work stations both at home or at work.  These can be a problem if the ergonomics aren’t set up correctly.  Screens should be centralized and keyboards should be positioned where the height allows your arms to be bent at 90 degrees.  Some lower back pillow is recommended if you are sitting for long periods.  Frequent breaks to move and stretch can also help maintain body posture and balance.
  4. Perform Healthy Exercises Regularly.  Regular cardiovascular exercise is important to help maintain good cardiovascular health, manage weight, and reduce stress.  But nothing replaces targeted spine-specific exercises to focus on your core.  Some of the bast exercises for your core also involve balance and muscle endurance.  Some examples are:
    • Quadruped – on hands and knees.  While holding abdominals in tight (hollowing), alternate straightening opposing arm and leg and holding for 5 seconds.  Repeat 20 times.
    • Bridge – on back.  Lift pelvis, torso, and shoulder blades off floor and hold for 30 seconds.  Repeat.
    • Plank – pushup position supported on the forearms rather than hands.  While keeping abdominals in tight (hollowing), hold your body straight for 30 seconds.  Repeat.
    • One Leg Balance – standing.  Keep abdominals in and balance on one foot (stork stand) for 30 seconds.  Switch legs and repeat.
  5. Get Adjusted By Your Chiropractor.  Everyday activities, stress, and toxins take their toll on our bodies.  Our joints and muscles tighten, become restricted, and become imbalanced.  Adjustments help to retore normal joint motion and can rebalance your spine and body.


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